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Networking for community members

By invitation Only

Runs Mondays and Fridays at noon

BANCo stands for Barrio Alegria Nourishment Cooperative, and it is a social engagement project that grew from Barrio’s mission to transform the community through leadership building.

With young adults taking on new leadership positions at Barrio to support program implementation, Barrio saw an opportunity to provide mentorship and networking opportunities to enhance the growth and professional development of its members, while also improving cross-sector engagement within the community.

Birthed as a cooperative, it was a way to ensure all those  supporting Barrio each day could share a healthy home-cooked meal. In addition cooking for a group is a more cost-effective method than cooking individually or buying cheap lunches each day.

Against this background, the BANCo program has the objective: to establish a space for young leaders to engage in meaningful community conversations and networking with civil society and business leaders.

How do I get invited?

Send an email to:

Call us at


Making your



This is not a regular networking lunch.

We begin with a prompt, and we go from there.

Should I

bring food?

You are not required to bring anything to our BANCo.
Although past guests have brought dessert.

How many people

are usually at

a BANCo?

Usually we have somewhere between 6 to 8 people per BANCo, but we like to put a cap at 10 people so the experience remains intimate.

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