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Adulting Sucks


Building wealth

Adulting Sucks uses art to make an emotional connection to participants' relationship with money and explores common themes through visual and performing arts. Phase 1 of this pilot initiative incorporates its foundational trainings into our existing Storytelling Through Dance program. This community engagement through theater program has already built energy, a space and a circle where people feel free to self express.

Barrio is interested in exploring this to be able to track participants' healthy financial habits for longer periods of time than traditional wealth building programs. The pilot phase included two cohorts with a total of 20 weeks of trainings,  running from April to August.

Our target population are young people between the ages of 15 to 24 that live in the South of Penn primarily, but we are open to people from all over Reading. We are also interested in reaching people who typically do not trust banking institutions or have very little understanding of financial planning and management at all.


Stipends for participants

An additional component of this curriculum is a modest participant stipend.  Participants receive a small stipend for their participation each session, and their use of that stipend is tracked during the course of the program and incorporated into the savings and budgeting modules.

What is our goal?

Adulting sucks aims to give young people a chance to take advantage of opportunities and make educated decisions so they can have a bright adulthood. Our workshops are focused on creating a framework where dreams are possible, and with the help of facilitators and peers, participants can break them down into achievable goals. And Adulting Sucks can help!

How young can I be to be in the program?

Even though our target population is people between 15 to 24, we have accepted participants as young as 14 years old.
So, let your friends know!

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