Community change begins with you

We recognize that there are many theories of how change is achieved. Ours is simple. Change for our community begins in transformational moments on the individual level. Barrio is intentionally looking for those moments through art because we know how powerful they can be.

Our desire to build a platform for community and civic engagement has driven us to look for stages that are often vacant of those individuals that need to have their voices heard.

Our programs usually fall under one of the following categories and you can join us at any of them:


Art Located



Through Dance



This is the name for all art programming that takes place outside our walls, and in our community.

These programs are designed to create accessibility to the arts by taking them beyond our center walls. We take art to where people are!

Please check out our calendar to get a comprehensive list of ALAS events

Over the past three years, these theater productions have been performed 38 times, and involved 133 volunteers, with over 4680 hours of volunteer time by community members.

Barrio's Leadership model has created opportunities for people who don't naturally select as leaders.

In 2018, we launched a Leadership  Cohort pilot, with retreats to Philadelphia and workshops for artists.

This model's structure has become more formal with 8 community members who have signed up to work on 2 initiatives in 2019.

Explorations in

the art form

In 2017, Barrio's surveys and focus groups revealed that people ages 18 - 35 felt there was a lack of evening activities geared toward them.

Our Explorations in the Art Form series creates spaces for people looking to do some hands-on activities on Friday nights, while spending time with other community members.

New to Barrio?

Barrio Alegria is a community transformation organization located in Reading that utilizes the arts as a platform for community engagement and for the development of social and multicultural awareness.


But all you have to remember is:

  • The majority of our projects happen outside!

  • The majority of our projects are free!

  • The majority of our projects have to do with art!

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