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Building wealth

Ongoing loans

One of the microlending program participants has seen his credit score improve from 590 to 744. During one of the first meetings with the group, he expressed disbelief that his credit score could improve, but he is now a believer. At the latest meeting, he announced that he had qualified and received a credit card!
He says, "if I was able to do this, anybody can!"

The Barrio Alegria Microlending program provides micro-loans to community members and entrepreneurs at low interest rates that helps them raise their credit scores. Lately we have been focusing on overcoming limiting beliefs and learning about financial wellness. We also help businesses obtain tools to grow their businesses through workshops and networking.

We also raise awareness about resources that are already existing in the community.

Outreach, build relationships,



RIVERFRONT partnership


What services we provide

  • Microbusiness support service

  • Low interest loans

  • Trust networks

How to get involved

If you would like to get more information about this program, please reach out to Fabiola Flores at

Microbusiness report

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