Barrio 101:

What is Barrio?

Barrio is an organization that utilizes art to create change in the community. So, we do art, but we are not only an art organization.

Are you a dance studio?

Even though we do art performance and very often are practicing art choreographies, no, we are not just a dance studio.

Do you do dance classes?

We have offered dance classes in the past, and we will probably offer them again during our explorations in the art form series!

Can anybody be part of Barrio?

Yes! The beauty of art is that it is pretty versatile and usually is flexible enough that everybody can find something they like to do inside of Barrio.

Where can I find what event will be happening next?

You should check out our calendar of events, and/or our facebook page!

Are your events free?

The majority of our events are free. Some of our fundraiser events have a small fee, but we try to keep our events accessible to our community.

How can I get involved?

There are several projects you can get involved in and many ways you can get in touch with us.
Send us an email, or contact us through facebook, or instagram, let us know what you like to do, and get ready to be part of our Barrio!

I am not artistic but I like what you guys do, can I still get involved?

Yes! We do not just do art projects. We are also involved in neighborhood cleanups, surveys, micro business development, artist co-ops, and edgy things like time banking and alternative currencies. If any of this sounds cool to you, please get in touch with us!

New to Barrio?

Barrio Alegria is a community transformation organization located in Reading that utilizes the arts as a platform for community engagement and for the development of social and multicultural awareness.


But all you have to remember is:

  • The majority of our projects happen outside!

  • The majority of our projects are free!

  • The majority of our projects have to do with art!

Contact us

140 N. 5th Street

Reading, Pennsylvania 19601


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