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Community makes it rain

It was a packed house on January 31, 2024, as we looked to our neighbors and artists to help us plan our programs for 2024.

Barrio is committed to bringing to life the dreams of our people. Because of this, we cannot just come up with programming and think we know what is best for our folks.


No, to truly do community engagement, we have to ENGAGE THE COMMUNITY!


Barrio's events are as much theirs as they are ours, if not even more so. That is the beauty of co-creation. It is our hope that more organizations take steps to ensure that the voices of the people are heard, respected, documented, and acted upon.

We are nothing without you. And with you, we can do anything.

Because we value our neighbors' words, we captured the meeting minutes and produced a booklet with notes. You can read it below:

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