For Dancers of all backgrounds
and experience

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B.A.D. co 2019 will meet TBD

B.A.D. co is the dance company of Barrio Alegria. Through this program we open doors for dancers, with a lot or very few experience, to perform in our community.

To be a B.A.D. co dancer you must have the following qualities:

  • Be a team player

  • Have the highest sense of commitment

  • Have a high willingness to learn

  • Care deeply about our community


Following our commitment to support the arts, we have choreographed, produced, and participated in various shows in our community. We believe that art is not limited to people who want to become professionals; in fact, we outreach and look for anyone who identifies as a non dancer or artist, but who is looking to create change in their community. Together we strive to overcome challenges in technique, storytelling, and performance.

B.A.D. co functions as a free dance collective that looks for teaching and performing opportunities for community dancers, so we care more about creating change through dance than the limelight.

If you wish to join B.A.D. co as a dancer, please send Daniel an email at

Or call us at


Do you only do

Latin Dances?

No. B.A.D. co coreographies have included Bhangra dances, traditional Chinese dance, and a Moroccan dance in addition to Latin dances

Will I have to purchase expensive stuff?

We believe that traditional dances have to be respectful of cultural traditions, however, we try to minimize expenses to dancers

Do you only perform in Reading?

Although performing in our city is top priority for us, we sometimes perform in other cities as well.

New to Barrio?

Barrio Alegria is a community transformation organization located in Reading that utilizes the arts as a platform for community engagement and for the development of social and multicultural awareness.


But all you have to remember is:

  • The majority of our projects happen outside!

  • The majority of our projects are free!

  • The majority of our projects have to do with art!

Contact us

140 N. 5th Street

Reading, Pennsylvania 19601


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