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OJOS Photography contest


Contest is now open!

November 15


The OJOS: Eye of the Beholder project is a multi-year initiative to engage Reading Community members in documenting the City of Reading through photography. This program provides an opportunity for participants living in Berks County to foster photography skills, experience and to build a network. In addition, Berks County residents are able to view their artwork and experience the city of Reading through the lens of those involved.

The mission of the OJOS project is to provide aspiring photographers with a platform to amplify their sense of community connection through targeted networking, collecting resources, and leadership development.

To participate, all you have to do is send us a picture of a person that represents Berks County to you. Follow the entry rules below to learn how: 
- Photographs can be taken through a film camera, DSLR, phone, or mirrorless cameras, however, they must be uploaded to Instagram.
-The photo must depict someone who lives in Berks County.

-Must be the portrait of one individual.
-Only one entry per person.
-You must describe why this person represents Berks County to you.
-You must tag @barrioalegriaco and #berksojos19 on your post.


Anybody can participate! Try to be as creative as you can in your photography and your reason why you chose this person.
Judges will pick 10 winners! Each winner will receive a $20 gift card and their photographs will be publicly displayed on Penn Street!  

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