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Circo Del Barrio


2020 season in development

Circo del Barrio is an interactive walking theater experience that incorporates music, dance, acting, and food vendors! Circo del Barrio translates to “Circus of the Neighborhood” and focuses around an original play.


Barrio Alegria is known for creative place-making, so we chose Penn Street to perform it because Circo del Barrio highlights the beauty of Reading and the potential of our city to all. Penn Street is the main entrance and one of the focal points of Reading.


Circo del Barrio uses Greek Mythology in its storytelling because it adds an inviting and magical element to the production. Lots of people are familiar with Greek Myths and we use them in a way that the community can recognize, understand, and relate to. Using Greek Mythology in Circo del Barrio incorporates the origin, history, and nature of the world in a way that is both universal and local. 


Currently scounting locations for our 2020 production

Anybody can participate! Dancers, actors, performers, etc. are involved in the production and during the interactive performances, the attendees can participate as well. But as with any Barrio project, experience is not necessary. We will make sure you get the experience. We just want folks who are interested in creating change!

Making your



Barrio doesn't do regular performances. We do things differently:




Photography and videography is encouraged.
Please use




After the performance, our cast will engage with the audience in a question and answer session

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