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Leadership Development


Barrio En Marcha!

As a community transformation organization, we are interested in the change that happens internally in our participants and the change they create in their own micro communities.

The Barrio Leadership cohort was designed as a year-long program specifically designed for community members who are doing leadership work and who could benefit from skills, resources, and networking.

For the duration of the program, cohort members work independently and collaboratively on a number of community projects, and participate in a series of personal development trainings.  


Activities include professional development, soft skills training, presentation opportunities, group projects, emotional intelligence development, communications, financial literacy, mentorship and networking opportunities.


The program also includes a “BAILE” trip: an annual trip we take to visit another city to learn best practices of organizations that are doing similar work to Barrio’s.


OIn 2019, the LDC produced a song that encourages families to read with their children. You can listen to it below:

What experience can I gain from participating?

Your experience will vary based on your availability, but our cohort syllabus includes:

  • Facilitation training

  • Research

  • Running feasibility studies for projects

  • Participating in the FARO grant process

  • Retreats and visits to other cities to learn from other organizations

What cities/orgs have you visited?

Barrio has visited several organizations like Village of the Arts and Humanities, Spiral Q and Taller Puertorriqueno in Philadelphia. In Pittsburgh we visited  the Hoyt Center of he Arts, Rivers of Steel, and Touch Stone. We also have traveled to Chicago, IL., and Montgomery, Alabama.

What plans do you have for 2024?

Our plans for 2024 include holding community trainings that connect us to resources, help us deal with emotional issues, and can help us get much needed resources.


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