A Community engagement project

An ALAS program

Runs June - November 2020

The OJOS: Eye of the Beholder project is a multi-year initiative to engage youth in documenting the City of Reading through photography.


Ojos participants take a 2 hour photography workshop and then given a Digital Reflex Camera for a week for them to document their lives. The idea is to start changing mindsets, both among youth, but more importantly, among all of the neigh-sayers who think Reading youth are nothing but trouble-makers. 

The mission of the OJOS: Eye of the Beholder project is to provide young artists a platform to amplify their sense of community connection through targeted networking, collecting resources, and leadership development.  We view participation in interactive art projects as a gateway to civic engagement and a sense of personal power. The program promotes inter-generational interaction between young artists and key community leaders in Reading to further increase their connection to broader public life.  

Please email Valois Joubert

Call Barrio


Do I need to

have experience

taking pictures?

No! You will receive a 2 hour

workshop with an experienced

photographer who will teach you the basics.

Do I need a

camera to

join OJOS?

It is not necessary for you to have your own camera. Barrio has community cameras that we can loan you.

Will my photographs be on a show?

Yes. The second part of the project involves the setup of a photography show at a local community venue.
Tell our coordinator if you want to get involved in the setup!

New to Barrio?

Barrio Alegria is a community transformation organization located in Reading that utilizes the arts as a platform for community engagement and for the development of social and multicultural awareness.


But all you have to remember is:

  • The majority of our projects happen outside!

  • The majority of our projects are free!

  • The majority of our projects have to do with art!

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