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Murder of My Spirit /Skip Me

Murder of My Spirit by Logan Rea

The chills from their calls

The cold that then falls Urging me to open up to my natural laws Intuition is what they bring Like the ink in the “Trees of Think”

They stain the grey skies

Like blobs of thought

Dropping messages from above; each one being caught

Eyes dark, as the unknown

Feathers slick and bright like obsidian; sharper

than stone

Wings that control the winds below

These are the creatures that live inside my soul

So heavily misjudged, yet unaware of these


Only bringing positivity in the faces of change

Guiding those who accept with gifts of positivity and content

Giving those the ability to process things they regret

Unbearably unique is the song they sing

Only those who listen can understand the ring

They guide my inner spirit

They allow my spirit to drink

I feel so deeply for the creatures who fuel my


I relate to them as they relate to me

We both are misjudged due to other people’s missteppings

We are beings of change who only fear ourselves being blank

Just like the murder inside me,

I will forever fly free, forever think, forever blot life with my dark ink

Skip Me

by Logan Rea

Picking up the pieces I’ve dropped

Holding as many as your arms will allot

Carrying the fragments of my emotions

Finding just the right spot

My feelings for you,

Being thrown like stones

At the never ending lake, that is my home

Flashbacks splash

Like flat surfaces of rock

Skipping over me,

Rippling out from the shock

Every rock is another moment

Every moment is another splash

And everything reminds of what I’ll never

have back

So skip rocks upon my surface no more

I can’t bear to deal with these emotions,

As the ripples touch my shores

I am reminded that life is short,

And just like that you fade away

I guess you got tired of skipping rocks for the


About the author: Logan Rea is a 16-year-old poet in Reading. Through their work, Rea aims to connect with others through the exploration of their lived experiences, emotions and visions. They are inspired by the power of language to spur introspection and liberation.

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