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Art Located Outside

Visual and performing arts

Runs from May - November

In a survey of our area of impact, neighbors declared that they wanted to see more art activities in the South of Penn area.  Barrio is now going beyond it's first goal for these programs: connecting local, inner city, young, nontraditional artists with the community while opening spaces for neighbors to co-design the programs.

ALAS projects include Plein Air art workshops, Flash mobs, Alleyway Concerts, and the Ojos photography project.

Plein Air programs vary in time. Usually they last between 1 to 2 hours in length, and are completely free to the public.


Flash mobs are choreographed with local dancers and performed at non traditional locations.


Alleyway Concerts are performed by local musicians in front of bodegas, parks, and alleyways.


The OJOS Photography project consists of two cohorts with a limit of 10 participants per cohort and gives the opportunity to learn, and share their art with the community.

All these programs are free including materials. All you need to bring is your creativity and an open mind!


If you would like to participate in a workshop or get involved as an artist

Please email Valois Joubert at

You can also call us:


Barrio's plan to change narratives include the re-imagining of our community. The idea is simple: art can help reclaim urban spaces that are underutilized or abandoned. Art projects can help reconnect neighbors with their environment as they feel more connected to the spaces they use as makeshift art rooms.


Barrio has been very intentional about utilizing public spaces for these workshops to help re-establish ownership of people's communities.

Do I need to

bring any


No, Barrio will supply you with everything you need, from brushes to paper, to water!

How young can a child be to


We encourage families to bring any child of any age. Our art projects are for everyone!

Puedo ir si


hablo español?

Claro que si. En nuestros programas de ALAS siempre hay alguien que le podra traducir las instrucciones de los maestros.

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