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Art is happening here!

Barrio Alegria is a community engagement organization that utilizes the arts to create transformations in individuals to help them transform their communities.
This means that we utilize the arts to build, empower, and strengthen communities through individuals. We dance, we act, and we paint, but most importantly we care about the stories of those that are helping create safe spaces for vulnerable community members.

Weaved into our programs are storytelling systems that measure our results.

Art is happening now!

From the second floor of our center, to the grassy land of the Iron Playground, there is always a seat waiting for you! Explore our events currently happening in Reading.


The project examines the lives of the people who dedicate their talents and time to Barrio. The stories reveal the personal and professional evolution of our members and capture the real-time metamorphosis of the community at large.  

Leadership in development

Explore the ways we are creating leaders:



Barrio Alegria’s Leadership Cohort Program is on its second year working on three pillars: Storytelling, Creative Placemaking and Literacy



This program stands for Barrio Alegria Incursion of Learning and Education and it provides opportunities for young leaders to visit organizations from neighboring cities to learn their history, best practices and vision for the future.

Barrio does civic and  social engagement of our community through the arts, empowering and building future leadership."

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